A Lithuanian Church on Mission in Ukraine

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A Lithuanian Church on Mission in Ukraine

Edgaras Untulis – Plunge, Lithuania

Kevin writes: A small church in Plunge, Lithuania has been responding to the needs of Ukrainians since the invasion of 2014. Vaidas was sent by the church as a missionary to a small community of believers in the Donbas to serve the community there. Since then, Edgaras and the church in Plunge have supported him – eight years now – and they continue to do so.

Fellowship with the church after a Sunday meeting – Edgaras far right in the check shirt.

Many of us have been rightly moved by what we have seen these last weeks and have responded. But for others like Edgaras and the Plunge City Gospel Church, they were moved to act eight years ago and have continued to do so.

We have so much to learn from people and churches like this.

Vaidas reports from Ukraine: Car was fixed today thank God it’s all good Tomorrow morning we will go to the border. One of the main needs right now is. We have 13 people living here, plus Natasha and mom separately. Basic needs are food and electricity (03/22)

Edgaras reports: Hello. Vaidas is working with the brother of Pastor Natasha who transports medicines and food to the military. He removes the wounded from Kiev. Their van broke down completely. A large car is very much needed. We want to buy a minibus in Lithuania and bring it to Kiev. (03/22)

Vaidas with his new car – bought with money given to the LHC Ukraine fund – is able to continue in his ministry.


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