€25,800 Raised for Winter Fuel!

Jan 3, 2022 | Latvia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine | 0 comments

€25,800 Raised for Winter Fuel!

Kevin Reilly – on behalf of the LHC

€10,000 was my faith-goal for fundraising money to support 100 households during three winter months in five nations but the outpouring of generosity and God’s faithfulness has honestly blown us away! God has been so faithful and the generosity of the Lighthouse Community and friends and partners has overflowed. We are humbled and very, very thankful. It is a wonderful way to mark the closing of one year and the beginning of the new.

By 30th December 2021 we had finished distributing the original €12k in funds (we were asking for 10k but then we took on some late requests for funds from friends within the Lighthouse Community and so our budget was extended to €12k). And so to date we have transferred funds to Bosnia and Herzegovina (managed by Bernard Mikulic), Latvia (managed by David and Ilze Jones), Moldova (managed by Thomas Grasslin), Serbia (managed by Vlada and Sonja Stojanovic) and Ukraine (managed by Edik Malyshev). As January unfolds, we will be prayerfully considering how to administer the additional funds, but please be assured that the full €25,800 will be distributed to help meet the needs of the poor within the Lighthouse Community nations of Central and Eastern Europe.

Thank you everyone – individuals, Relational Mission and New Ground churches and businesses – for your love, your generosity and your trust – and watch out for our newsletter article next month where you will be able to read, see and hear about how funds have been used.

We are a blessed community and God is very, very good!

Come and see what God has done! He is awesome in his deeds toward his children! (Ps 66:5)


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