Freedom in Europe Weekend

An amazing weekend, seeing God’s love in action, such a blessing. A time I will treasure and hold close to my heart. Sheila.

Riveting and mind-blowing! It will change your way of thinking and challenge you! Such a servant-hearted family excelling in gracious hospitality! Barry and Maureen.

FIEW museum

It really was this good! Twelve people – most of whom we did not know – landed in Gdańsk on Friday 21/09 and from the beginning…it felt like family. Cos in a way…that’s what we are really.

Emma, Phoebe, Lula and Kevin felt so privileged and very blessed to host this weekend at River House. People from all walks of life, from different churches and from different nations arrived to spend a couple of days with us. Their reason for coming…to learn about the history of the fall of communism in Europe and to see and experience something of what God is doing today in Poland.

We visited the outstanding European Centre of Solidarity, ate Polish food in a Milk Bar, prayed and worshipped together at home and with Kościół Grono and we dug a little deeper into what the Light House Community is. We finished off with a fab meal together at the Columbus Cafe.

FIEW house

Hearts were stirred together as we shared about the challenges of planting into post communist nations and how, as the RM family, we are looking to respond to these challenges. The Light House Community grew a little this weekend – in confidence and in number; but not by email or leaflets…rather, it was through very ordinary people putting boots on the ground in order to see for themselves just what God is doing among us.

22 Post Communist Nations sit within the boundaries of Europe. They are not like the Europe most people know and they present challenges that most people are unaware of. This weekend, twelve people got under the skin of these challenges and in doing so, they blessed our socks off and encouraged us greatly.

We are grateful for the amazing history of this place in which we live. But we are looking  up and looking forward. 22 nations…22 gospel communities planted…15 years to get it done. It’s a Catch 22 Strategy – nuts, but for God… and yet our God says:

Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession (Ps 2:8)

The Father has promised his Son all the nations of the earth. We’re standing, believing and living for just 22 of them. Maybe it’s not so nuts after all.

If you’d like to join us on this journey we have 11 places available for our next Freedom in Europe Weekend – November 23-25 2018. Download the leaflet below and get in touch.

November – Freedom in Europe Weekend

It will change your way of thinking and challenge you! And you’ll be blessing us, greatly too.

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  1. Hi going to talk to a couple of people about the November trip this Sunday will be in touch I’m hoping God might want me to come as well shall be praying and waiting on Him to confirm my hearts with you all the way She

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