Gdańsk – Poland | Prayer Weekend

On Friday, 26th April last, a small group of 6 people left the UK shores for the beautiful city of Gdańsk in Poland. We were highly privileged to be part of a wonderful initiative designed to provide ‘Air Cover’ prayer support for our Relational Mission church plants in post communist Europe with its unique culture, history and challenges.

Kevin and Emma Reilly lead the work in Gdańsk called ‘Kościół Grono’ (a circle of friends). We had the pleasure of staying in their amazing house. Our life filled times of prayer were greatly enhanced by having their daughters, Izzie, Phoebe and Lula with us at various points. I will never forget how they would spontaneously sing their hearts out to Jesus whenever they did the washing up together; absolutely priceless! It is amazing how quickly relationships formed over the weekend.

Having been picked up from the airport we explored the city a bit, and enjoyed a traditional Polish meal together. There is nothing like actually visiting a place to get a feel for what God wants to do there. Kevin took us to an incredible museum which quite movingly sets out the costly story of the ‘Solidarity’ union which emerged on 31 August 1980 at the Gdańsk Shipyard. This was when the communist government of Poland signed the agreement allowing for its existence. It helped Poland get free from Communism and gave them a non-communist leader. This was a trigger point for the later collapse of the Soviet Union. Gdańsk is a place where ordinary people spark history changing events. World War II officially began here on September 1, 1939 at the Battle of Westerplatte, which is off the peninsula of Gdańsk.

We were there to encourage the church and fast and pray for gospel breakthrough. We were also joined at times by various members of the church. Time flew past as we prayed into the key areas presented to us by Kevin and family. We had a strong sense of God being with us, and saw tangible evidence of prayers being answered as soon as the Sunday morning.

This prayer trip has undoubtedly joined our hearts together in a commitment to what God is doing here in Gdańsk.

David King

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