I see a man, beckoning you to Krakow.

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I see a man, beckoning you to Krakow.

Janusz Lasz – Emmanuel Church Krakow, Poland and Brighton

We are Polish family. From the beginning we knew that God was calling us to be part of a church plant. And so – in the 90’s just after we became Christians – we joined a small church plant in Wroclaw. We were stretched by all the problems that existed in our small community but we also experienced joy, friendship, the building up of small groups and growth from 10 up to 50 people. It was amazing!

Janusz and Kamila

Yet God had other plans….
He started to speak to us about moving abroad, but this didn’t seem right to us at the beginning. We loved our church and we were feeling like we were ready to stay in Wroclaw forever! Now, I know that sometimes the way to Jerusalem is to go through Egypt – a journey of faith. But the voice of God was more and more clear, “Go with Me and know Me in a new way”. This was a great promise because deep in our hearts we knew that there was more of His grace and goodness and love for us, than we were currently experiencing.

Our journey to Poland and the church plant in Krakow started at the point when we were actually leaving our country!

We were moving to the UK, but before we left, we promised God that if at any time He was going to call us back to Poland then we would go. Our life in the UK was an amazing provision from God! We had good jobs; our children established themselves well in a new country and we were in a great church. But then we went to this conference… “Together on a Mission” to be built up. We had a great time, with God and new friends and then came the last evening of prayer for mission. This was the evening where we were all praying, mainly for Central European Countries, especially for those that had come out from their former socialistic ways of government. I was amazed, as far as I knew there were only three polish people in the building along with one missionary who was in Poland.

Then I felt a touch on my arm….and a man smiling widely at me said, “Does the name Kracow mean something to you – I see a man, beckoning you there …”

I was terrified! Not yet Lord, I said I’m my soul, I’m not ready…But He knew. He showed us His kindness, taught us His love, healed many wounds, prepared provision, trained and after making us ready He sent us here, to Krakow. He knew the best time for us to be sent and – as a good Father – He sent us just half a year before Covid-19. What timing!

We know who our Shepherd is; and so when we hear His voice, we go, and in following Him we are more and more blessed…


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