The Lighthouse Community is a family of volunteers. We pray. We support. We give. We go. Each person has a part to play and the mission to reach the post communist nations of Europe is shared collectively. Every prayer, gift and encouragement counts. Join us in this. We long to become a community of thousands in order to respond to the needs of millions. Make a difference to the lives of people in post communist Europe and join the community.

Welcome to the family!


Pray using the information on the website. Pray as a member with quarterly updates. Organise a prayer group in your church to support pioneering mission into post Communist Europe. 

Join In with the Light House Community


Join the community. A monthly contribution of £5 or €5 releases funds and ensures that you, as a member, are kept up to date with community news through our quarterly magazine.

Join us on one of our Freedom in Europe Weekends and find out more about the nations of post communist Europe.


The Lighthouse Community is a non-profit organisation. As well as the monthly contributions of members, you may wish to donate one-off gifts.


You may be living with a call to one of the post communist nations of Europe. If you are, we would love to speak with you. Please email Kevin and let’s see how we can help you to explore this calling further.