Life in Moldova – War on our Doorstep

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Life in Moldova – War on our Doorstep

Thomas Grässlin (Germany) and Ina & Ivan Vdovicenco (Moldova)

Thomas writes: I asked Ina and Ivan to follow up on the article they had prepared for the LHC Newsletter, published on the 29th of May 2022.

I am so proud of what they do, how they resist and fight for the gospel in a country, where most people try to escape. Even before the war started, hundreds of thousands had already left Moldova to find happiness, work and stable circumstances in western Europe, Russia, Canada and other countries. In these days many of my Moldovan friends seem scared and lost, without hope for a good future. Please help us to support Ina & Ivan, Eva, Timotei and Alexandra. They need continued support in prayer and finances to keep on fighting for the Lord in Moldova.

All blessings, Thomas Grässlin (Germany)

Ina writes: Recently we marked one-year since the war in Ukraine began. It has been a challenging year for all individuals in Moldova, whether native or refugee. It is remarkable how we, as human beings, can adapt to abnormal circumstances and attempt to carry on with our daily lives despite high prices, scarce energy and human resources, as well as an unstable political, social, and economic climate. The truth is that Ukrainians and Moldovans alike are living in a high stress-level environment. Every day, the political situation is deteriorating due to the presence of the pro-Russian breakaway republic (Transnistria) within our borders, which Russia is exploiting to fuel further instability in the region. The presence of Russian peacekeepers in that particular area does not seem to promote peace.

It is difficult to express, but amidst these circumstances, there is a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to witness the power of God in our lives. As you may know, Cru Moldova provides a refuge shelter for refugees, hosting over 2000 individuals during the last year, where we hold weekly Bible studies for adults and children. Many people have heard the Gospel, and one woman was baptised and has decided to remain in Moldova and join the local church.

Tatiana getting baptised in October 2022

In May 2022, we established a daily centre for mothers and children, which over 300 children have attended. Christian volunteers use various methods to share the Gospel and impart knowledge about God in practical ways for people’s daily lives.
celebrating Christmas with kids and their moms at the centre

Every Wednesday, we distribute food boxes, through which 100 people are exposed to the Gospel each week. Additionally, every Saturday, we offer art therapy sessions that involve painting. At the Wednesday food distribution, the Gospel is shared by using the testimony of Samuel Koch, which emphasises how to face life’s challenges with God.

I could go on and share many more examples of what Christians in Moldova are doing to spread the Gospel, but that would be too lengthy. I want to share with you, my friends, that we are witnessing a spiritual revival and a hunger for hope in God. It is amazing to see how God can transform terrifying situations into the salvation of hundreds, even thousands of souls.

We sincerely appreciate your prayers as what we witness here is nothing less than a spiritual battle, and we need prayer warriors to help us persevere.

Blessings from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, Ina & Ivan Vdovicenco.


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