Loving Our Neighbours

Aug 20, 2021 | Poland | 0 comments

Loving Our Neighbours

Emma Reilly – Gdańsk, Poland

In July this year, we had the joy of seeing one of our friends from Gdańsk get married. We first met Ola about seven years ago at the local supermarket, where she was working. She heard us chatting in English at the checkout, and always made a point of saying hello when we saw her. She had completed part of a degree in English, but due to the pressure of needing to work all week, and study every weekend (as many here do) she was forced to quit part way through. 

Ola and Karol

We became friends and subsequently Ola came to work with us in our English Language School that we ran for a few years. From this job, she became a teaching assistant in the British International School Gdansk where Kevin has worked for many years and the school was able to pay for her to complete her English Teaching Degree and now she is about to graduate! 

It’s a joy and a privilege to be a means of grace to someone’s life. God wants to do even more, for sure; but we play our part and in doing so trust that Jesus completes the grace-work that he begins.


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