Niš – Serbia | Prayer Weekend

At the end of April I packed my bag to go to Serbia. I never went there before, but I did know some of the women of Good News Church in Niš. That weekend I would join the RM team to encourage the Church and pray for gospel breakthrough in Serbia. I was curious, and not sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a wonderful and God-given time. The team (2 ladies from the Netherlands and 6 English people) seemed to become a close knitted group in a very short time.

The information about the church in Serbia touched our hearts. Being there, seeing things, probing the atmosphere makes a difference. And praying & sharing together was so good. Besides that we had a lot of fun; that combination of sharing serious things that need a breakthrough and having fun is precious.
Friday evening we met, Saturday we went on a prayer walk which was informative and very good even in the rain, though we had lots of sunshine too! Sunday in church Adam spoke on praying & fasting and the team prayed for several people. Later on we drove to Leskovac, to the Gypsy section of the town. I won’t forget that time on the street there; it was like being with Jesus as he walked the streets in Israel. There was singing, people looking on and many asking for prayer. Many gypsies came to Christ through signs and wonders happening there. It was moving to pray over children who wanted to be blessed and for the sick.

After that we joined the Gypsy church, worship was exuberant. After the service we prayed for people again. We came to encourage and serve the church, but as I went home, I felt blessed too. Being there together as a team was a great privilege.
Lydie Geurts

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