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an appeal for prayer support by the LHC

As many of you will be aware, Ukraine is currently facing the prospect of a Russian invasion. For many of us, this situation feels very far away and removed from everyday life in our own nations; but for those living in Ukraine right now, the prospect of a second invasion is very real.

Last Saturday (22/01), 31 of us from within the Lighthouse Community met online for a morning of fellowship, teaching and ministry and during our ministry time, a lady who is new to us as a community had an amazing prophetic word for Edik – our friend who leads three churches in Ukraine. As part of this word, Psalm 35:1-2 was given:

Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me. Take up shield and armour; arise and come to my aid.

Such words are spoken in the first person by those who are facing the very real threat of attack. In this case, David is writing, possibly during a period when Saul is pursuing him. The lady who shared this scripture with Edik had never met him before and did not know that he serves in Ukraine. God clearly wanted to encourage and lift Edik up with these scriptures and so I would ask you to join with us in prayer, to this end as well.

We are not called to wrestle with flesh and blood (Eph 6:12) and so this is not intended to be a political post in any way. We are not siding with nations and we are not wishing victory or defeat upon anyone. We would simply ask that you join with us and pray for brothers and sisters who are facing the prospect of invasion and further hardship in Ukraine.

Please pray:

  1. For God’s peace and God’s justice to flow in Ukraine;
  2. For the protection of his people, that the Lord’s shield and armour would be felt and experienced;
  3. For great courage, love and faith for Edik and for those in leadership, as they shepherd God’s people during these difficult times;
  4. For the continued bold proclamation of the gospel through his people;
  5. For reconciliation and peace – the ultimate victory for all;


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