Prayer & Fellowship in Czech

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Prayer & Fellowship in Czech

David King:

Tricia and I had the privilege of leading a small prayer team to Pardubice in the Czech Republic one weekend in November. Our aim was to spend some quality time with Pete and Michelle Foster and to pray into the work they head up there.

Pete, who is English, and Michelle, who is Czech, followed a very clear calling to move to Pardubice in 2014. By 2017 they had made an intentional start in gathering a church community around them and they have a growing connection with a band of Zimbabwean believers. Manu and Ruvi, who help lead the small work, are an important factor in this and so we were treated to some pumping, African style worship on the Sunday we were there. Pete is a gifted musician who plays harmonica and guitar – a really effective combination!

The team from New Life Church, Tunbridge Wells found great joy in the shared meals, times of intercession and getting to know the Foster family. We were stirred by their story and the miracles they experienced along the way. If ever you get the chance, ask Pete about his lost wedding ring (read that story here)! Prague is a beautiful city and we spent some time appreciating the sights, and praying for the nation there.

Pete and Michelle both teach in a Christian school. On the Monday, before returning home, we were taken into the school and permitted to pray one-on-one for all the pupils that desired it. Our remaining time was spent calling on heaven as we worked through the prayer requests Michelle had compiled for us. One quite significant prayer for finances was answered that same day. We came away feeling that this school is an important part of Pete and Michelle’s purpose for being where they are.

Please pray for Pete and Michelle, together with their two children, Emma and Jan as they serve God so faithfully. Pray for health, guidance, workers, and spiritual breakthrough as they hold out the word of life to all those around them.


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