Small Reminders of a Big God – news from Serbia

May 5, 2021 | News from a community, Serbia | 1 comment

Small Reminders of a Big God – news from Serbia

Sonja Stojanovic

For most of us in the Lighthouse Community, the past few months have presented us with new and sometimes very difficult challenges, and stretched us at times to our limits. In Serbia, with covid galloping through the country, combined with unpredictable and irrational government regulations, and a general feeling of existential depression among many, it has at times been a challenge to press on. We have found ourselves feeling weak and hoping for even the smallest breakthrough.

It is in this context that God has sent us some beautiful and timely reminders that He is absolutely for us, and that actually our weakness is an opportunity to witness and receive His strength. One of these reminders came in the form of an unplanned Alpha course that is now in its third week. Some of the young people at our (small-scale) English night, started asking some serious questions about life, and were hungry to know more. They eagerly accepted the invitation to Alpha, and now they’re asking their questions every week.

Another reminder came when a Colombian guy, Sebastian, got stuck in Serbia because of covid. He found us online. At the same time, we actually needed help with our sound system, as we had invested in new equipment but had been struggling to record our Sunday meetings effectively and weren’t quite sure why. “Coincidentally”, he is responsible for exactly the same system in his home church. He was delighted to be able to serve, and our sound system is now sorted! Just a small detail, but at the same time a profound reminder that our God is actually in that detail. He is more than aware of our situations, whatever they may be.

For us, these were actually small reminders of big truths. Our God is in control. He is kind and generous, and knows our weakness. He is building his church, and at the same time is allowing us the great honour of being part of that. Let’s ask Him to open our eyes to see encouragement in small things, and at the same time be prepared for the greater things that are promised to us in the bible.

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  1. Jochum

    Thanks for sharing! He really takes good care of us, in small and big things. Your story makes me think of psalm 23:1


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