To Slovakia, for the Gospel…

May 30, 2023 | Slovakia | 0 comments

To Slovakia, for the Gospel…

Dustin Combs – Slovakia

We are a family of five from Phoenix, Arizona. Our family serves by His grace in Slovakia. Through many years of evangelistic English camps in Czechia and Slovakia, the Lord put it on our hearts to join Him in His work of making Jesus’ name famous here through evangelism and discipleship.

We continue to help lead summer camps, but through the year I am focused on monthly, regional groups which support pastors and leaders in Slovakia. We study the Word, discuss what it means for our ministries and lives, and support one another through prayer and fellowship. We are also involved in various local groups and discipling relationships. My wife, Miriam, plans later this year to return to teaching in a Christian elementary school.

Lately I have been greatly impacted by some of N.T. Wright’s books (Simply Good News, for example), to have a richer understanding of the Gospel, that it is not simply that Jesus died for our sins so we could escape from this mess and get into Heaven, but that it is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God here on earth, which Jesus brought through His life, death, and resurrection. The King and His Kingdom are the fulfilment of the promises we have in the one true story of God.

Through it, Jesus is making all things new and is inviting us to join Him in that wonderful work, together being His image-bearers and Kingdom of priests, until heaven and earth are one again and He is “all in all”.


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