Ukraine Update #12: Your Kingdom Come

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Ukraine Update #12: Your Kingdom Come

Kevin on behalf of Edik and Liana – Ukraine

It is February 2023 and when the war first started a year ago on 24/02/2022, I never thought that a year on, we would still be seeking God for peace. Since 25/02/22 we have been praying for justice and peace – wrestling with principalities and powers and seeking Jesus for the coming of his kingdom and the establishment of his rule. We are still praying for these things.

Since day one of the war, a group of us have met regularly to seek God for peace (daily for the first four and a half months and since then, two days each week) and we will continue to do so until the war is ended.

However, whilst we still pray and hope for things as yet unseen, we are seeing Jesus ruling in the midst of his enemies today! The testimonies below exist because – along with many others – we have prayed and we have shared kingdom resources with Edik and Liana and the Church in Uzhgorod. So be encouraged as you read stories below of how prayer and finance is reaching into the hearts and lives of Ukrainian people today. There is so much more for Jesus still to do; but he is neither silent nor absent…and so, with the psalmist, we are able to say today: Come and see what God has done; how awesome his work on man’s behalf. (Ps66:5)

Your prayers and your gifts continue to matter, greatly.

If you would like to join us in prayer, you can do so on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 06.30-07.15 UK / 07.30-0815 CET. Zoom link and credentials are here: Meeting ID: 948 272 8926 Passcode: 327931

If you would like to know more about our 2023 Support Ukraine – €130k, you can read about this here or go directly to our homepage and scroll down.

Hi, my name is Anna! I’m 25 and I am from the Donetsk region, the city of Slavyansk. I am a single mother with many children. The children’s names are Rinat, 9 years old, daughter Samira, 7 years old, and another daughter, Nargiz, 6 years old.

On February 24, trouble touched us twice already. 2014 we were also overtaken by war! In April 2022, due to heavy fighting, we had to leave our city and go to a quieter place. We fled from fear with only one document, without a livelihood! Here in the city of Uzhgorod we met Pastor (Edik) and he brought us to the church,. We are very grateful to their church and to you for the help provided, if not for the church we would be on the street!

I am deeply grateful to all those who help us! Thanks to your help, we can live in the Zakarpattya Hotel, as renting a house in Uzhgorod is very expensive. And with you and your help, we can live and rejoice.

Peaceful sky to all of us and love!!!

Peace to you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus from England and Holland and other countries.

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the help you so sincerely give us. You have no idea how valuable and necessary it is for us today. You are doing a great thing and I know that our God will reward you for your good deeds a thousandfold. After all, everyone whom you bless, we pray for you and bless you in our prayers to our Father, including me. I thank our God who put it on your heart to help us in this difficult situation in which we found ourselves and I thank God for your kind and sensitive hearts.

Unfortunately, the situation with prices for products and for all goods is getting more and more complicated every day. It is also complicated by constant blackouts that leave us without light, which means without heat, this leads to frequent colds, and prices for medicines in pharmacies are cosmic (no exaggeration). I live with my 11-year-old son and my father, who has been out of work for three months, since he fell and broke his leg, underwent a complex operation, so for now he is forbidden to step on his foot. All expenses fell on my shoulders, since I am currently working alone, so I must say that the funds you send us are very, very helpful.

It is very nice to understand that you are not alone in your trouble, that there are people (brothers and sisters) who are ready to help, who will not leave you and support you in difficult times. This is how a family should be, this is how the church of Christ should be. Be blessed, dear ones of God and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

With love, your sister Alla from the blessed town of Uzhhorod, in the western and very blessed part of Ukraine, from the Church of God, “Rock of Salvation“.

With God’s peace, dear church, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Anya Lutsko. I live in Uzhgorod. I want to thank our Lord for you and for your kind hearts.

Thank you, dear ones, for your support at a time when we really need it. We are grateful to you for the help we have from you – we need it very much; we see and know that in these times of war, in these difficult times for all of us, we are not alone. the Lord is with us and He gave you to us. It is joy and happiness to know that no matter what happens in our life, we will not be alone, we have support.

I work in a hairdressing salon, but there is very little work, because of the war. Frequent air raids, constant power outages and people who went abroad because of the war. So you help us a lot and we are very pleased and we are happy that we are not alone. The Lord sees your compassion and your kind hearts and your donations and He will bless you even more. Many thanks to you dear and dear brothers and sisters, you are very far from us in terms of distance – thousands of kilometres – but we are in one spirit and with Our Jesus Christ and His love.

Abundant blessings of God dear family of God, peace to us all, joy and love in the Lord. We pray for you and thank God that we have you.

My name is Masha Klomenka and I was born in 1998.

Before the beginning of the War, I lived in the city of Slavyansk, in the Donetsk region. In 2014 we felt for the first time, as orphans, what war is. Back then, we lost our homes from a shell that landed on the roof of our house.

Having survived the psychological shock of seeing how people die, shuddering from each shell explosion and saving our lives by living in bomb shelters, we did not think that we would feel it again. When it seemed that everything was getting better, we restored our destroyed housing with all our efforts and learned to live anew until February 24, 2022.

At 5:00 am on February 24, we again felt the same unforgettable fear. We couldn’t believe that the war touched us again. We were forced to leave our homes taking only the necessary documents, as we were afraid to again go through everything that we had already experienced back then.

At the moment, we are evacuated to the Transcarpathian region, Uzhgorod with the whole family – me, my Grandmother (a pensioner) and my two sisters. Without any livelihood. It was given to us by God to meet pastor Eduard (Edik) who supports and helps in difficult situations. He gives us faith that someday we will be able to return each to our homes.

We thank all of you who take part and do not leave us alone in difficult times, with the current situation in the country. Thank you that at the moment we have a roof over our heads, which you so generously pay for, your help and for hope that we have for tomorrow.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! My name is Natalia, I live in the city of Uzhgorod in Ukraine.

I am very glad that my letter of gratitude will come to you, my caring brothers and sisters from the UK and all over Europe.  Your help that you provide to us, the people of Ukraine, in such a difficult time of trial for our country and us, is simply invaluable. For me personally, this is both material support, which helps a lot (my husband is disabled – one arm is paralyzed and one leg is missing), but also spiritual – it becomes so calm that you are praying for us and for Ukraine, and that the Lord hears your prayers and sees your hearts. And your help is always there when we need it.

We also sheltered a family from Kyiv (they lived with us for 4 months), which was helped by your extraordinary grace and open, hearts. Through pastor Eduard (Edik) , food was constantly purchased for this family and utilities were paid. The woman from Kiev began to go to Church and accepted Jesus. Hallelujah! She has now left for England as a refugee and attends one of the Newfrontiers church in England.

May the hand of the giver be blessed, may the Lord reward your deeds, and may you have a full reward from the Lord, to whom you came to rest under His wings! May the Lord be with you forever!

And finally, many thanks to Newfrontiers for money given to the Lighthouse Community which has been distributed via Edik, for the purchase of winter wood fuel and for the payment of gas and electricity bills this month.


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