Ukraine Update #20 – A Firm and Steady Heart

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Ukraine Update #20 – A Firm and Steady Heart

Kevin on behalf of Edik and Liana – Ukraine

Psalm 112 exhorts us to be men and women who fear God and delight in his commandments. The benefits and blessings that flow from this combination of fearing – in the sense of revering and honouring – and delighting are profound:

  • our children will be firmly established in life (2)
  • our needs and finances will be met and blessed (3)
  • our hopeless situations will be flooded with light (4)
  • bad news will not cause us to fear (7)
  • our hearts remain steady (8)
  • our posture is one of triumph and victory (8)

Such people, fearing and delighting in God, are blessed (above) but also transformed, as the liberating grace and love of God produces in us:

  • a gracious and merciful spirit (4)
  • generosity and concern for others (5)
  • concern and care for the poor (9)

As the war in Ukraine grinds on into its 20th month, Edik and Liana Malyshev continue to respond with faith, hope, generosity and love. Their spirit has not been hardened or crushed and they have not become insular and self-seeking. Edik and Liana Malyshev continue to work hard for the sake of the Gospel – preaching Christ, loving people, making disciples and caring for the poor. They are joyful and hopeful, as a couple and as a church. They honour God and they delight in him and so, “they are not afraid of bad news and their heart remains firm, trusting in the Lord” (Ps 112:7).

As we read stories of ministry into Ukraine, it is good to be reminded that Edik and Liana are not superstar Christians. They are ordinary people facing the challenges of working multiple jobs, whilst leading the church, whilst caring for hundreds of people, whilst moving apartments, whilst saying goodbye to their son as he heads to university this year. No superstars. No new methods, just an anointing of the Spirit and a willingness to embrace Christ and his truth; and so they are blessed, fearing the Lord and delighting in his commandments, with firm and steady hearts.

25/09 Edik Writes: Hi dear Kevin. How are you, how are you feeling? We hope you are doing well. Prayer workers from our church are asking for you so that they can have more accurate information on how they can pray for you.

As you know, Onno, unfortunately, was unable to smuggle Bibles into Ukraine. Of course we were all very upset. I blame myself very much for allowing this to happen and for not taking all the details into account. Onno made such a difficult journey and I feel very responsible. I couldn’t even imagine that anything could happen like this! We did not know this before, but President Zelensky recently signed a decree banning the import of books printed in Russia and Belarus two months before Onno’s arrival and so this is why the border guards would not allow them to bring the 100 Russian Bibles into Ukraine. However, since our Russian-speaking refugees from the east need Russian bibles, I will try to purchase these Bibles in Ukraine instead, if it is possible.

All the refugees are very grateful for the tasty meals they receive in the hotel restaurant. This is really a very good idea and ministry and people are happy!!!

In our family, Adam is already studying in Bratislava, Slovakia. Of course, the first week was very difficult for him and all of us, because it is the first time that he was away from his family alone and for a long time as well. We even thought that he wouldn’t be able to stand it…But, thank God, everything has worked out, and he already feels better, and therefore, so do we.

Thank you very much for everything you do for us and I am now writing this letter with tears in my eyes from the feelings that overwhelm me. We love you all very much!


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