Ukraine Update #4 – Testimonies and Thanksgiving

May 31, 2022 | Ukraine | 0 comments

Ukraine Update #4 – Testimonies and Thanksgiving

Kevin Reilly on behalf of Edik and Liana – Ukraine

Russia continues to press home its war upon Ukraine and and so we we continue in our support for Edik and Liana and their ministry there. Within the Lighthouse Community we have always aimed to value and express Biblical fellowship, one aspect of which is a decision to personally share in the sufferings of those we call brothers and sisters (Phil 3:10).

Therefore, since the outbreak of war, we have been praying daily and sending financial resources to Edik and Liana. Our daily, morning prayer meeting is as vital as the $10,300 we send each month to support the work of the gospel through Edik and Liana. The Lighthouse Community is not a charity. Rather, we are friends and partners in the gospel and it is our joy and privilege to stand in prayer, to release funds and support and in doing so, to fellowship with Edik and Liana and the church in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

If you would like to join us to pray then details are here; and if you would like to contribute financially to this ongoing work, then details are here.

Below you can read two personal testimonies, recently sent to us by Edik – everyone who has donated money and who prays has contributed to these stories. Blessings friends…

Irina from Kharkiv

Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for your contribution to our spiritual family. I cannot tell you how much I thank you for your financial assistance. My heart shrinks from tears of joy when I see how His care, compassion and love for us are manifested through you. I see the living God through your giving – how He is not superficial to me but tells me in my heart: “I love you, my child, and I will never leave you.”

I long for our Sovereign Lord to bless you even more than you have sown in our lives. May every seed sown by you be multiplied 1000 times and that the mercy of our Lord will never leave your home. I can rent a room in a communal apartment and live independently with my son, thanks to your finances. We cannot return to Kharkov, because everything is destroyed there; but we have Hope, which the Lord gives us through you, that not all is lost. We give thanks for our church family. We love and appreciate you – you are an example to be reproduced in Christ Jesus!

Vika from Kyiv

Dear brothers and sisters, thank you very much for your help. It is so important and valuable at this time. I am immensely grateful to God for your support in the situation in which I found myself. We left Kyiv with the church when they were bombing. They let everyone through, but they turned me around at the border; everyone left for Germany except me! At that moment, everything seemed to collapse for me – no church, no money, no relatives.

I just started desperately praying and talking to the Lord: “I trust in YOU, LORD, let Your will be done …” And God is faithful! I found a place to live and God supports me financially through Pastor Eduard (Edik and Liana). I really didn’t expect it – it was really a miracle and an answer to my prayers, because I’m all alone and I didn’t know how I was going to carry on living.

I am grateful to the Lord for you. I know that the Lord blesses the blessers 100 fold…


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