Ukraine Update #6: Love, Joy, Salvation and Baptisms

Aug 1, 2022 | Ukraine | 0 comments

Ukraine Update #6: Love, Joy, Salvation and Baptisms

Edik – Ukraine

We and our churches in Ukraine are going through the most difficult time we have ever had in our lives.

This is a time when we see our compatriots die en masse and our people deprived of their relative, their friends and all the property that they had.

At this time, Uzhgorod has turned out to be a city of refuge in Ukraine and we see thousands of refugees who have moved here to escape all these horrors of war. The church is a place where people should receive spiritual food that will strengthen and inspire them to hope and to live on without giving up.

Sunday morning with Rock of Salvation Church, Uzhgorod.

We are currently experiencing a high rise in spirituality in the church and the growth of prayer. God comes and reveals His Glory at every service and after every service people feel joyful and go home with joyful faces and smiles. New non-believing refugees visit our Sunday services almost every Sunday. This is facilitated by the humanitarian food assistance that we give to refugees who live in Uzhgorod.

As a result, we have begun preparations for the baptism of people who have decided to enter into a covenant with the Lord. Some of them are refugees and some are local people. We are especially pleased that our son Adam is among them. He began to actively serve God in recent times and takes part in the worship group playing the guitar.

Adam and Liana leading worship…

We are now seeing a movement of people, as some people are leaving as refugees to Europe, but also some are coming back. Also, some refugees from our church are returning to their homes in the liberated territories, but many still come to Uzhgorod due to the activation of hostilities in their places of residence.

In general, the situation in Ukraine is very difficult and the economy is collapsing because of the war. The financial help that comes from Relational Mission and Lighthouse Community just saves us all from adversity. People receive weekly financial support to rent housing and food, both refugees and members of the church, who are the local inhabitants of Transcarpathia. We thank God and you, our dear friends, for your prayers and all-round help that we receive. We all feel that we are part of one big Family of God and we know that we will overcome everything with His mighty power!


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