Edgaras & Nijole Untulis


Edgaras and Nijole are married and live in Plungė, where they have faithfully served the town and the Church community for many years.

Gospel Church in Plungė, Lithuania was started on 28th March 1991, during the first evangelization of our town. This period was a time of change in our nation – and so people began boldly searching for answers to questions that they had carried their whole lives; and the non-traditional, church community was where they started asking these questions.

In the beginning, a large number of people began to gather for our Sunday meetings. We hosted different events in town and distributed Christian literature. We visited people in the surrounding towns and villages – we thought that the growth of the church would be unstoppable. We started various services for children, children’s camps and home groups. However, we later realized that if human nature is not transformed by the Word of Christ then it will not last in the kingdom of God.

We began to understand that the Spirit only is not enough; we also need to be grounded in the Word of God – in the Gospel of Christ. We also began to see that we need to better understand our town and community too.

Plungė is home to 16,750 people. 87.1 percent of them are Roman Catholics. 0.2 percent are Evangelicals and 9.1 percent – about 1524 people are unbelievers. This last group of people – those who are unbelievers – are the goal of our evangelistic mission.

Thirty years is both a small and large number – at the age of 30, Jesus started his ministry on the Earth! Our church community – currently celebrating its 30th birthday – is now clearer in its identity and we continue to serve Plungė as we reach out to others, inviting them to become disciples of Christ.