Kevin and Emma Reilly


David and Ilze Jones

Smiltene, Latvia

Heidi Reger

Bucharest, Romania



Pete and Michelle Foster

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Vlada and Sonja

Niš, Southern Serbia

Colin and Elida Stephen


Edgaras & Nijole Untulis



As a community, our vision is to release Gospel mission into the 22 post communist nations of Europe in 15 years. We train, equip, support and send pioneering leaders, in order to see gospel mission produce 22 Indigenous, reproducing church communities. To this end, we have developed the Catch 22 Strategy.


The Catch 22 Strategy – Equity not Equality

The Catch 22 Strategy embraces the economic disparity of European nations and responds with equity. We believe that Gospel mission should always be served apostolically but gospel mission into impoverished nations should also be accompanied with ongoing, economic and pastoral support as well. Those we send we serve and support.


Those we send are drawn into a two year programme of fellowship, pastoral care and support.

Pioneering leaders are able to access this programme either:

  • from within their country of ministry, having already relocated;
  • or from within their sending nation, up to six months prior to relocation into their host nation.

Here you can view our Two Year Together Plan

The LHC draws pioneering leaders together in order to gather. We are served by the apostolic leadership team of Relational Mission, led by Mike Betts.

Maurice Nightingale – one of the LHC Directors – provides us with apostolic leadership and together we serve the RM mandate to plant churches into all the nations of Europe.

The LHC is positioned at the very heart of the RM family and we are served by a host of opportunities to be equipped pastorally, evangelistically, prophetically and apostolically.

This support is available to all RM churches and church plants.

Stories from the nations

A God of Small Things

A God of Small Things

Kevin Reilly - Gdańsk, Poland Our God is a great God. Unlimited in his power, he knows all things and he is present in all things. The rule of Christ is forever increasing in the earth and the universe will one day be made new upon his return. These are great and...

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The Business of Mission #6 – Romania here we come!

The Business of Mission #6 – Romania here we come!

Onno Weststrate - Netherlands I had now been working for Turbocam for a number of years and was visiting customers mostly in Western Europe. Around 2006, Marian Noronha (the president of Turbocam) and I started to talk about how we could make more impact in Eastern...

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Mission, Business and Care for the Poor

Mission, Business and Care for the Poor

Onno Weststrate - Serbia and Croatia If you have been following Onno's blog, you will know that he has a passion for business and mission and a big heart to serve the poor. The following article is a mixture of information and updates about small business initiatives...

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Board of directors

Kevin and Emma Reilly, Maurice Nightingale, Onno Weststrate and James Taylor