Kevin and Emma Reilly


David and Ilze Jones

Smiltene, Latvia

Bernard & Nada Mikulic


Edgaras & Nijole Untulis




Pete and Michelle Foster

Pardubice, Czech Republic

Vlada and Sonja

Niš, Southern Serbia

Colin and Elida Stephen


Our Shared Mission

The Lighthouse Community is a fellowship of friends and pioneers, committed to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and making disciples of Jesus across Central and Eastern Europe.

We fellowship together in the Spirit (Phil 2:1) in one-another’s sufferings (Phil 3:10) and in partnership (Gal 2:9) that we might be mutually strengthened, supported and encouraged in this shared mission.

Our Fellowship

We are a covenantal community

  • fellowshipping with God
  • fellowshipping together
  • making disciples of Jesus
  • fulfilling the mission of Jesus

We love and value

  • the Bible, as God’s word to us
  • the Holy Spirit, as God’s powerful presence among us
  • the grace of God
  • the power of persistent prayer
  • meaningful fellowship as family and friends
  • obedience and faithfulness
  • truthfulness and integrity
  • loyalty and love
  • journey before destination
  • diversity of culture and tradition

Our Unity in Christ

As a culturally diverse community we find our unity in Christ, the Word of God and in the Spirit. We embrace the Bible as God’s final authority whilst respecting diversity in our interpretation of the secondary doctrines of scripture.

We seek to build grace-filled and meaningful relationships within which we are able to encourage, strengthen and sharpen each other. Our fellowship together expresses our common desire to fulfil the mission of Christ, to walk in obedience to Christ and to live faithfully under Christ, as his body. We value journey over destination and so our fruitfulness is measured by our faithfulness and obedience to Christ and not by the numbers of people that we gather. We are loyal and loving to one-another, remembering each other in prayer and upholding the dignity and calling of each person. We have an appetite for openness and transparency and so our ways together are marked by simplicity, honesty, personal sacrifice and much affection.

Stories from the nations

The Power of Prayer, the Word and the Holy Spirit

The Power of Prayer, the Word and the Holy Spirit

Michelle Foster - Pardubice, Czechia: I have been reading the book Word Spirit Power by R.T.Kendall, Charles Carrin and Jack Taylor. Reading this book has been very inspiring. I haven’t finished it yet but R.T.Kendall talks about the fact that when Word, Spirit and...

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The Faith of Abel and Cain

The Faith of Abel and Cain

Edgaras Untulis - Plunge, Lithuania: In order to understand what is happening in today's world, I as a Christian must return to the foundations of my faith. And so I recently started a series of sermons on this topic in our community. Why faith? As I mentioned, we...

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Ukraine Update #21 – Steadfast Love

Ukraine Update #21 – Steadfast Love

Kevin on behalf of Edik and Liana - Ukraine At the time of this publication, the war in Ukraine is now 1 year, 8 months and 8 days old. On the morning of 24/02/2022 though, many of us didn't even think that war would actually break out, let alone that it would still...

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The Lighthouse Community

In essentials, unity.

In non-essentials, liberty.

In all things, love.


German Lutheran theologian

Rupertus Meldenius


Lighthouse Community: Directors and Leadership Team

Maurice Nightingale, Onno Weststrate, Gert Hijkoop, David King, Emma Reilly and Kevin Reilly