Kevin and Emma Reilly

The Lighthouse - Gdańsk, Poland

In 2008, Emma and I moved with our four daughters, Chloe, Izzi, Phoebe and Lula to Gdańsk, Poland. God had clearly called us and so we moved on the strength of a thirteen year old prophetic word to Poland. We arrived in country not knowing anyone, with no language, no experience of cross-cultural mission and no clue as to how to do life in this place.

But we knew that Jesus had called us to live his love and to share his truth in Poland, among Polish people. It’s been an adventure, for sure, filled with some highs, plenty of lows and shed-loads of self-discovery.

Now, years later, we’re still here – but we are now a community, where we were once just a single family. Kościół Grono (Circle of Friends) is a small, growing church family. Just as in our own family’s journey, our growth as a church community has not been straightforward and it certainly hasn’t been quick. We are a mix of singles and families – mostly Polish – and we’ve had the joy of seeing lives changed among us, hearts opened and restored by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. We gather together as a church in Gdańsk – a mix of believers and those have yet to come to full faith in Jesus.

Many years ago, we arrived with no clue as to what would lay ahead but we have discovered that Jesus is both faithful and sufficient. Challenges remain, but Jesus is building his church here in the Tri-City of Poland and it is a privilege for us to be a part of this story.