2023 Support Ukraine – €130k

Our financial support for the ministry of Edik and Liana in Ukraine is (at present expenditure) a monthly commitment of $10 200.

Our 2023 / €130k Fundraiser will enable us to finance the following ministry for the next 12 months

  • pay for 16-20 families to be housed and cared for in temporary accommodation;
  • buy food to distribute to refugees, church members and those in need;
  • pay rental for: building use for the church in Uzhgorod and the Roma church in Berehove (60 km away), a store room to store food and provisions in the hotel, and a hotel conference room for the Tuesday Bible school;
  • firewood and energy bills;
  • financial support for those in need as a result of the war;

Reference your gift SUPPORT UKRAINE 2023 and give directly into the Lighthouse Community, via the buttons below.



90% of the money raised in this campaign is used to directly support Edik and Liana’s ministry in Ukraine. 10% of the money raised covers the cost of administering these funds.

  • Total gifts to date 57% 57%

About the Lighthouse Community

The Lighthouse Community exists to support, send and serve gospel-mission into the Central and Eastern nations of Europe, where we fellowship together as a community of friends and pioneers. Our fellowship is genuine and so we take seriously our responsibility to stand together prayerfully and sacrificially, as the Holy Spirit leads us.

What is the destination of your gift?

The Lighthouse Community will collect your gifts via Stewardship Services / directly from our bank account and distribute these funds each month to Edik & Liana, to support their ministry.

Why give through Stewardship Services?

If you are a UK taxpayer, Stewardship Services enables us to receive your gifts and to reclaim the tax that has been paid. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, but will add value to your gift.

God tells us to give! Galatians 2:10

The Bible encourages us to remember the poor (Gal 2:9). We are not able to fix the complex problems created by the war in Ukraine, but we are able to stand with brothers and sisters in a time of crisis, remembering them in prayer and with sacrificial giving.