Supporting Ukraine

Kevin Reilly (on behalf of Edik)

As I write, the difficulty in purchasing everyday items in Ukraine continues to worsen. Food and fuel shortages – compounded by wartime demands being pressed upon an already beleaguered economy – are worsening, and this situation will continue as the war drags on. We are standing with brothers and sisters every morning in prayer, but we must also respond with practical support as well.

Whatsapp message from Edik: Hi Kevin. The situation is difficult. The country went into martial law. The economy is mobilised for war. Businesses don’t work. There is no job, and of course there is no income. Feeding points are organised in places, but this is not universal and not for everyone. Masses of refugees are moving from east to west to safer places where there are no bombings. Very often believers move and settle in small groups. Some remained in the occupied or war zone. They can purchase some goods for cashless payments in stores, and therefore I make transfers to them. First of all, people buy food, medicines, bed linen, essentials, and everything according to the needs of the current moment.

1. Reference your gift SUPPORT UKRAINE and give directly into the Lighthouse Community, via the accounts below:

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2. UK taxpayers can gift-aid their support via the button.

All money raised will be used to support Edik’s ministry in Ukraine and the work of the Lighthouse Community.

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Support Ukraine

As a community we cannot ignore our brothers and sisters in need. The effect of the war is huge and we want to help.

Our response as the Lighthouse Community has been to pray and to give.

The Lighthouse Community is raising money to:

    • Support Edik’s ministry among the three churches that he serves in Ukraine;
    • Enable Edik to continue his ministry to the thousands of refugees who are heading west;
    • Provide finance, food and fuel to brothers and sisters in Ukraine (location details withheld for security)

About the Lighthouse Community

The Lighthouse Community exists to support, send and serve gospel-mission into the Central and Eastern nations of Europe. We currently stand together in 9 nations and we fellowship together as a community of about 25 leaders and pioneers. Our fellowship is genuine and so we take seriously our responsibility to stand prayerfully together and – as the holy Spirit leads – to give financial support as needed.

What is the destination of your gift?

The Lighthouse Community will collect your gifts through Stewardship Services and distribute them via Edik to churches in Ukraine that need help. Your gift will enable people to have finance, food and fuel.

Why give through Stewardship Services?

Stewardship Services enables us to receive your gifts and reclaim the tax that has been paid. This doesn’t cost you anything extra but adds value to your gift.

What else can I do? Pray with us! Read more!

If you would like to join us to pray for Ukraine, we meet to pray at 06.30 GMT / 07.30 CET every day. Zoom link and credentials are here:
Meeting ID: 948 272 8926
Passcode: 327931

God tells us to give! Galatians 2:10

The Bible encourages us to remember the poor (Gal 2:9). We are not able to fix the complex and enduring problems of Ukraine, but we are able to stand with brothers and sisters in a time of crisis and remember them in prayer and with sacrificial giving.