Do not say: I am too young (Jer 1:7)

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Do not say: I am too young (Jer 1:7)

Miloš 19 – Serbia
Hi! My name is Miloš, I’m 19 years old and I live in Serbia. My mixed English and Serbian background gives me a rather unique outlook on my fatherland, one that makes me love it to bits, but which also keeps me aware of its imperfections. When I was younger, I was torn between the two countries; I found myself not wanting to live in Serbia. I felt out of place here and primarily spoke English – even with my Serbian friends. But now I know that I am where I should be. I know that God has a magnificent plan for me here and I look forward to seeing it through.
(Picture: Nišava River, Serbia)

Lula 17 – Poland
My name is Lula and I am 17 years old. To me, Poland is my home; this is where my memories are, where I learned to swim in the sea and ride a bike. But I long for youth groups in our church, Kościół Grono – for friends my age, who love Jesus and who I can hang out with. Being away from family is one of the hardest things; I miss my best friends so much (especially when I have a limited number of friends here, in Gdansk). I believe my home will always be torn between Poland and England – my culture is English but my memories are Polish.
(Picture: Old Town, Gdanksk, Poland)

Jan 13 – Czech
My name is Jan and I am nearly 13 years old. I live in the Czech Republic and go to the Christian school Noe. I like going to the school and I am grateful that most of my teachers are Christian and nice. I like that the school starts at 8 am and finish the latest at 3 pm. Also it is very close to my house and I can walk there in 10 mins. I have lots of friends. When I moved here I was nearly 6 years old and I didn’t speak czech that well but I am fine now. The disadvantage of living here is that I can’t buy some english products, e.g. Golden syrup, shreddies, weetabix.
(Picture: Pardubice Castle, Czechia)

Phoebe 18 – Poland
Hi, I’m Phoebe and I’m 18 years old. I have lived in Poland for just under 13 years. From the age of six, I grew up in a Polish culture and was surrounded by Polish people. This once foreign country became a home away from home to me. I am grateful for moving to Poland and all the challenges that I’ve had to overcome. Growing up with two differing cultures, English at home and Polish at school, I have gained a broader understanding of people and this has also brought great humility into my life. After experiencing life in another country, I feel certain that I do not want to live in the UK or Poland for the majority of my life, but have a desire to explore other cultures around the world. This move has given me a taste for adventure – something I might not have had otherwise.
(Picture: Kościerzyna, Poland.)

Adam 15 – Ukraine
My name is Adam and I’m 15. Ukraine is one of the post-communist countries. It is one of the countries in which it has the greatest potential, thanks to resources, location. About 45 million people live in our country. These people are very kind and friendly. Our land is rich in various beautiful views and landscapes. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Carpathian mountains, the deep lake Synevyr. You can explore different cities and see historical sites and sights. And also try different food, because Ukraine has the most delicious food in Europe.
(Synevyr lake in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.)

Ema 15 – Czech
My name is Ema and I am nearly 15 years old. I live in the Czech Republic in a city called Pardubice. I was nearly 8 when we moved here. I guess I like living here but I prefer speaking english rather than czech as it is much easier for me. I like the long 2 months school summer holidays. Every winter we go out skiing and that is my favourite sport. I like going to my school because the teachers are nice and sometimes we finish early. I am happy that I live really close to my school which takes 10 minutes to walk. The only disadvantage is that in my class there are only 3 other girls and 16 crazy boys. I am used to it now but it was very difficult at first.
(Pardubice square, Czechia)

Thomas Stephen 16 – Albania
My name is Tomas Stephen. I am 16 years old and live in Albania. Life for me here is like anywhere else: I go to school, play volleyball and go to youth group in church. But, Albania is different from many other countries. It is predominantly a muslim country but my town of Shkoder is 50% Catholic and 50% muslim. Christmas is not a big celebration and certainly no presents are given. New Year is the big celebration because from 1967-1991 all religion was banned in the country, under communism. Most of my friends in school do not want to live in Albania and want to leave and live abroad as soon as they can.
(Mother Teresa (ethnic Albanian and Catholic))


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