LHC Weekend in Warsaw – 2023

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LHC Weekend in Warsaw – 2023

Linda Gulbe – Latvia:

As a community, we had another beautiful weekend together from Friday the 12th of May to Monday the 15th. We came from 8 different countries to learn, grow and most importantly build stronger relationships. It is so wonderful to see that we are all eager to listen, support and encourage each other – we all have something to give.

Our theme for the weekend was: Identity. Authority. Power.

As with all great fellowships, sharing a meal together is a good way to start and catch up with friends and also make new ones. After our lovely meal, Kevin shared a short intro message for the weekend about our identity in God and authority given to us by Jesus. Followed by worship which was led by Alice Watts and a ministry time guided by Angela Kemm, which resulted with singing prophetic songs over some people, praying for each other and breaking strongholds, all through worshiping together. What a great start to the weekend – and even before we were able to dive into our topics more deeply.

On Saturday after another beautiful worship time full of ministry, Angela unpacked more about our identity in Christ: Jesus has blessed us with every Spiritual blessing (Eph1:1). Angela taught us that our spiritual warfare is often with ourselves as we look at our condition, how weak we might feel. Instead, we are to know our position in Christ, glorify God and He will use us…because of the Jesus-authority you carry, just by your presence alone, you impact the area you are in. What I love most about Angela’s teaching is that it is always full of practical steps that we can you use, there and then.

We also had a session with Kevin and Emma about the strongholds in thinking and culture (in central and eastern European settings) that might hinder spiritual growth. It was a great discussion time and there was opportunity again to pray together about these things. What surprised me the most is that so many strongholds are very similar among our different countries.

On Sunday David King talked about knowing your enemy. As we walk through life we might get ‘bitten’ but the ‘poison’ will not harm us (Lk 10:19). We will walk through many valleys and in these seasons we need to overflow with gratitude and thankfulness as then there will be nothing that we will not be able to overcome (Lk 10:19). We grow through pain and yet in these seasons it is so important to take hold of peace in Jesus’ name and speak His peace over our life and circumstances.

For me personally this weekend has been full of encouragement, helping me shift my thinking and grasping my identity in Christ with both hands again. Also I have loved to get to know each other more and having an opportunity to step out in praying and encouraging people through prophetic words. Our main seminars were in the morning, through ’till lunch time and then the rest of the day was for building relationships or more prayer time with each other – Jesus spent a lot of time around the table with people, building relationships and teaching at the same time.

This weekend really felt like that for me as well. There is something so beautiful about coming together not only for worship and teaching but also for sharing a meal, coffee or listening to a Chopin concert together (there was a free Chopin concert in the park on Sunday) – just doing life together even for a weekend. In these moments we learn so much more about each other and have much joy and laughter as well.

I just wanted to end with thanking and honouring Kevin and Emma by organising it all and going ahead with the conference in the midst of their valley. The weekend could have been cancelled and we all would have understood it, but they pushed through. Wow, what a blessing this weekend has been and how much freer and more equipped we left on the Monday. I believe all of us received…but we were also able to give something to others, too. For me, the weekend has already overflown to the people around me back in Smiltene, Latvia.


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