Lighthouse Online – a Reflection

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Lighthouse Online – a Reflection

Emma Reilly – Gdansk

What a great morning! On Saturday 22 January, we gathered online (31 people from 12 nations) to worship Jesus, and to learn more of what it is to be “Sons and Daughters – Led by the Spirit of God.”

Thirty-one friends gathering online from twelve nations:
Albania, Bosnia+Herzegovina, Czech, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, UK

We began with worship together, led so helpfully by Pete and Michelle Foster (and Pete’s brilliant harmonica!) Then Clive Cernik spoke about Baptism in the Spirit, giving a theological foundation and some really helpful practicals. Clive shared so honestly and it was great to be stirred again about our need to be filled, and to minister to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. I know that my level of expectation grew as I listened to stories of the Holy Spirit filling people in response to simple hunger and thirst for more of God. How quickly we can settle for less, but how much more God has for us.

Kevin shared about Fellowship in the Spirit – what it means to be part of a covenant community, participating together in life, generosity and suffering. “Fellowship is our Spirit filled response to what Christ has done in us.” Fellowship is at the heart of the Lighthouse Community, so it was great to be led by Heidi Reger, and Rodney and Heather Sexton in praying for Romania, in particular the work among International Students in Bucharest, and Christian Life Fellowship in Bazna.

Adrian Horner spoke about life in the Spirit – what it means to be led by Him and to keep in step with Him. He reminded us that just as Paul experienced doors closing in Acts 16, so we too will experience trouble and frustration at times as we seek to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading; and yet it is often in these gaps that God speaks and we find ourselves discovering His will. “What if this gap is in fact time given to us so that we can be led by the Spirit – not to plan and strategise it all, but to sit in the gap and hear God?”

The Lord encouraged and stirred us through some beautiful prophetic words from Marie Reavy, Clive and Adrian and through others in the breakout rooms, as we gave time to listen to the Holy Spirit. It was amazing to hear God speak so clearly to individuals!

I came away freshly envisioned and encouraged to not settle, but to expect and eagerly desire more of the Holy Spirit’s filling and leading in my life, and across the communities that we represent.


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