Look to the Lord and His Strength-1 Chron 16:11

Jan 3, 2022 | News | 2 comments

Look to the Lord and His Strength-1 Chron 16:11

Kevin Reilly on behalf of John Putman and Rodney Sexton

The challenges that we face as a community are vast and on-going. We work into nations where conflict is ongoing and the potential for escalation is very real and where economic hardship, migration, poverty and uncertainty continue to affect so many. For many of us within the community, salvation and baptisms are hard-fought for and the discipleship of new believers and the building of community is often a long and slow journey. Many of us work in very small settings and often without the benefit of team on the ground.

But Jesus calls us to lift our eyes and to look to the Lord and His strength – to the Lord of the harvest and to ask!
Do you have a heart for nations like ours? Would you be able to join us once every other month to pray during this year?

What will this look like?

Our friends Rodney Sexton and John Putman will be co-hosting a bi-monthly online Zoom Prayer Meeting to support the work of the Lighthouse Community. There will be a short encouragement from scripture to help us to pray with confidence and faith and then we will pray together. Each meeting there will be a focus – perhaps a theme that runs across all 8 of the nations where we are currently working, or we may just focus upon one pioneering situation. There will not be too much information sharing, rather we are aiming for a regular boiler-house of prayer where those with a heart for our nations are able to bring their faith and prayers and put them to work in a meaningful way.

When will we meet?

We will meet on Thursdays at 19.00 UK time / 20.00 CET on the following evenings: 27/01, 10/03, 12/05, 23/06, 15/09, 17/11.

Can you serve us in prayer?

If you carry a heart for the Lighthouse Community and the nations that we serve and you are available to join us for prayer then I would love to hear from you. Please email Kevin on kev.gdansk@gmail.com


  1. Tony Darnell

    Hi Kevin – please add me to the distribution list for this prayer zoom. Gid bless you man 💪🙏

    • Kevin Reily

      Hi Tony – that’s great! Thanks for the support mate `:)


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