Loving Strangers in Moldova

May 29, 2022 | Moldova | 0 comments

Loving Strangers in Moldova

Thomas Grässlin (Germany) with Ina and Ivan Vdovicenco – Moldova

Ina and Ivan Vdovicenco have served in Moldova for around 15 years with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). Thomas Grässlin has known them for 13 years and they are among his closest friends – part of our family.

You shall love the stranger, for you were strangers… (Dt 10:19)

Ina writes: There are now almost 3 months of war in Ukraine. It happened and yet it was something that we did not believe would happen. Since the first attack of Russia upon Ukraine, Moldovans were terrified and yet at the same time, they have been sensitive to the Ukrainian refugees who have come.

From the very beginning our government is trying to do its best, but the resources – compared to the needs – are so limited, and therefore people have just got involved and have volunteered a lot. Weeks into the war, and many people have become tired and have stopped volunteering to help refugees – but Christians have not stopped. We continue to help refugees by providing shelter, food, transportation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Of course, the situation is very unstable. Recently, some attacks of an unknown origin have made people nervous. They happened in Transnistria, the unrecognised breakaway state in eastern Moldovan territory. Unfortunately, because of the instability, an increasing rate of inflation (31% so far) and our dependence on Russian gas and markets, our society is divided.

But God is great and is using His children to spread His Kingdom even during this terrible situation. Christians in Moldova came together and created a Christian Alliance to help the refugees called Christian Help for Refugees. If a refugee decides to come to Moldova, he/she will find help in Moldova from Christians, until the time is right to on to a destination country.

Cru in Moldova has a refugee centre, which is able to host 60 people. Additionally, we have a house where kids can come during the week and enjoy a great program, playing with our volunteers and participating in bible studies and stories. In the meantime, their mothers are engaged in spiritual conversations with other Christians. Furthermore, we have established a way of sharing food boxes to the refugees who are being accommodated in different houses and places across Moldova.

God is giving supernatural strength to Christians at this time, so that we can serve others in the midst of this crisis.

For more information and opportunities to partner with Ina and Ivan Vdovicenco, please see below:

  • to donate directly to Refugees in Moldova go to: give.cru.org/1143810
  • to make a donation to Ivan and Ina’s family fo to: give.cru.org/2836600
  • to receive fresh news about what is happening in Cru join this telegram channel: t.me/CruMoldovaOfficial
  • for more information about the general response of Moldovans to the refugee crisis in their country: see here


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