The Balkans – Dancing with the Prophets

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The Balkans – Dancing with the Prophets

Bernard Mikulic – Croatia

This is my first experience of traveling and serving with prophets – Maurice Nightingale, David King, John Putman and Marshall Schaitel. It was an unforgettable time, alright. I was sitting in a car with four Englishmen, mostly I didn’t understand what was going on with those English jokes, but I laughed anyway.

The schedule was tight and we had to cover a lot of kilometers in a short time. We started with a meeting with Dalmatian pastors who oversee churches in Dalmatia, then we visited their churches and served the people in the church.

Already at the first meeting, the presence of God descended on all of us and each pastor was served with words of encouragement, confirmation and blessing. God brought a clearer picture for us as if the fog had suddenly disappeared; he put the burden of a great vision for Dalmatia and Croatia upon us, and God was lifting our heads and showing us the bigger picture.

After lunch, we had to catch the ferry that took us to the island of Korčula. Croatia has a beautiful coastline and over 1,200 islands, so the 3-hour ferry ride was wonderful. On Korčula, we stayed with an elderly couple. Ivo (we called him Father John) told us a wonderful testimony about how he escaped from the island at the age of 15 and ended up in Australia, and how he became a Christian.

Sunday morning was spent with the church and a service with Pastor Ico; a women’s worship team who led us beautifully into the presence of God. Maurice served us in the word, how to listen to God’s voice and after that there was an opportunity to serve the church in prophecy and encouragement. The report that came back was that all were deeply touched and encouraged. In the afternoon, we served the leadership team in a more intimate setting.

The next day was free, so we traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina where we visited Mostar, my hometown. We had the opportunity to stop in Čapljina along the way and show the team the church that Nada and I built over 23 years. And then a long drive back to Vodice, Croatia. The drives are fun – lots of laughs…but I still don’t understand anything…alright!

Day 5 we returned to Split to serve with pastor Igor. Igor has a wonderful testimony of how he found salvation through reading a Gideon’s New Testament. He used to be a professional acrobatic rock dancer… that’s where the idea of “Dance with the Prophets” was born. 

Igor gathered his team with missionaries from Argentina and the USA and local people. Great team – quality time! God has again shown his faithfulness and used a prophetic team to bless and bring clarity and encouragement. It was wonderful to see the atmosphere change and to see God’s goodness shine and bring joy to the people we were able to serve. Another wonderful day, thank you Jesus.

And the next two days of service was in Zadar, where they have no established leadership and I am helping with that. And then we moved on to Šibenik with pastor Laci, where we had a good time and God showed his goodness once more.

There is so much more to say, but there is not enough paper! However, I have to add that throughout this whole journey, God was merciful to me and my wife, Nada. He has removed the veil from our eyes so that we are able to see more clearly where we should give our focus and what we need to be praying for. I am now more confident in my service for God and I step forward with much more faith and courage.

Now, almost a month later, I am writing about this trip and the impression of God’s presence is still with us as a result of the service of the Dancing Prophetsalright!


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