Offerings for Ukraine

Jul 5, 2021 | Ukraine | 0 comments

Offerings for Ukraine

Together, the Lighthouse Community raised €2300 for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. But in addition to this, friends from beyond the LHC (many of you) contributed a further €400 and so in total we were able to send €2700 to support the work in Ukraine – a phenomenal achievement and thank you to everyone who partnered with us in this.

We were able to send €2700 to support the work in Ukraine

The money has been split evenly across the four churches that we serve through our fellowship with Edgaras in Lithuania (whose church in Lithuania has been giving to and serving a church in Donetsk for five years or more) and through Edik who is based in Ukraine and serves the remaining three churches.

Most of the money given will be used to pay bills and to buy food and medicines. However, one of the churches in the east of Ukraine – in Donetsk – had already started a small cucumber-growing business and the money that we have sent will be used by the church to drill a bore hole so that instead of having to buy bottled water to feed their plants, they will have their own water supply on site. This will mean greater and more sustainable profits for the business – see below for pics and a short fun video.

Blessings and many thanks to all who have contributed to this offering.


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